Brinkley Kick Off Times

Dear Junior Managers,

For the upcoming season, we will be implementing fixed kick off slots for Pitches 2 and 3 at Brinkley. To ensure a fair distribution of kick off times, you may need to coordinate with other managers to determine who gets which slot when the fixtures are released. Once agreed, you should only need to send one email to your league to request any changes to kick off times.

Brinkley – Pitch 2

The larger 11-a-side pitch is best suited for older players, starting from U15 and up. There are two kick off slots available: 10:30 and 12:30. Both slots have a duration of two hours, accommodating the longer game times for older players. Cup games must be played at 12:30 to allow for the possibility of extra-time and penalties if required. (A 10:30 kick off for cup games is only possible if there is no game at 12:30)

Brinkley – Pitch 3

This is a smaller 11-a-side pitch specifically designed for U13 and U14 players. Games on this pitch can commence at 09:30, 11:00, or 12:30. Each slot has a duration of 90 minutes. Similar to Pitch 2, cup games on this pitch must also be played at 12:30, allowing for the possibility of extra-time and penalties if necessary. (An earlier kick off for cup games is only allowed if no later games are scheduled for that pitch)

Any problems, please let me know by DM.

Kind Regards


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