Clubhouse Opportunity

The football club is looking for a volunteer (or volunteers) who might be interested in helping us to run and develop our two clubhouses at the Memorial Ground and Brinkley. This is a key role for the football club as we would like to improve the offer at both clubhouses, on match days and outside of these times.

The ideal candidate would be able to:

  • Organise staffing of both venues
  • Manage the club’s food and drink offer
  • Identify and develop new products and services to enhance visitor experience and to drive profitable sales
  • Manage all aspects of stock control/management
  • Take bookings for clubhouse events and to promote the venue for community use

We realise that this is a big role but it might be of interest for somebody who enjoys the hospitality industry and has a bit of time on their hands.

Alternatively we would also be interested to talk with anybody that might want to run this as a separate business, in partnership with the football club.

If you are interested to discuss the opportunity, please contact John Cunningham ([email protected] /  phone: 07305 311 354) to find out more.

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